If your questions are not answered here, please contact us at AJF Commercial. We are always happy to help!

Why are AJF Commercial different and why do you think you can sell my business?

We are a family run company based in Chorley, Lancashire. We have over 30 years industry experience and treat our clients like family. We offer bespoke marketing packages tailored to suit your business. AJF Commercial use video advertising which allows us to advertise your business in a whole new dimension. You can contact AJF Commercial 7 days a week.

Can you provide an agreement that suits me?

YES. We will tailor an agreement that suits your needs.

Do you have any withdrawal or cancellation fees?

NO. We don’t charge any withdrawal or cancellation fees.

Will you keep me updated?

YES. We will update you every 28 days. Customer care and contact is very important to us.

Can I find you on social media?

YES, At AJF Commercial we feel it is important to keep up to date with the current trends, because the majority of the public is online, we are too. You can find our social media pages on the top bar on the right of the website. We also give all our clients exposure on our social pages to allow our followers to view your business.